Bam Dej Tarh
Consulting Engineers
Bam Dej Tarh Consulting Engineers Co.
Consulting Engineering ServicesMaximum Client SatisfactionEmphasizing on Client profits
Experience in implementation of drawing, engineering and procurement
engineering projects in the field of petroleum, gas and petrochemical industries.

Bam Dej Tarh

Bam Dej Tarh Consulting Engineers Co. (Private Joint Stock Company) was established in December 1996 with the aim of implementing engineering design and procurement projects in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical industries and its activities with the aim of implementing engineering design departments (feasibility and concept, basic  And detail), began monitoring designs and purchases.

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    Experienced managers
    Utilizing Expertise managers

    The founders of this company are all experienced managers in the field of designing, engineering and procurement engineering.

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    Creative Designing
    Commitment to scientific and technical principles and criteria.

    This company try to rely on creativity, innovation, and based in teamwork actvity and utilizing its maximum capacity and power; Provide engineering services, consulting, implementation supervision, and etc. with the most desirable quality.

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    Executive records
    Consultancy and engineering services in accordance with global standards.

    All projects that carried out by our company, in addition to obtaining the maximum satisfaction of the clients, have succeeded in obtaining international certifications.

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    Loyal to commitment
    Execution of the company commitment with the best quality

    Execution of our company’s commitments with the best qualification, on limited time and at the suitable cost and expense is one of the value bases for our organization.


Successful track record of projects

Bam Dej Tarh

Observing all scientific technical rules and all regulations and rules of procedure in all technical and engineering services.

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